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With over 50 years building for the Midwest, Astro delivers quality.

Our sales team has great experience in designing custom buildings to meet your exact needs. Wether this is your dream shop or a simple storage solution, we take time to meet with you and help you create exactly what you need. 

Working with our team.

Don’t miss out in working with the Astro Team to create a building design you will love. They have experience to make suggestions that may assist in your needs. We look forward to building your pole building to last.

Why Choose Us

50+ Years of Experience

Starting as a family business, the Astro Buildings company has grown to a professional team spanning the Midwest.

Custom Everything

Standard simple builds work for us too, but if you are looking for something custom, just give us a holler.

We Deliver

Not on bike, but we do deliver with pride! We look forward to you joining our long list of satisfied customers since 1969.

Blending in With Your Surroundings

If you are looking for building options that blend in with an older Astro Building, a new home and a
new Astro Building, we can help. Check out this beautiful setting to see how modern an Astro Building can be for your suburban farm place. 

Our Team

When you call in, you may reach our office team. They will set you up with our field staff that can visit your site or meet with you to help design a quote. 

Click here to see our Regional Sales Manager team by location.

Christy Smith

Christy Smith

Account Manager

Bill Rotert

Bill Rotert

Office Manager

Sherri Hackett

Sherri Hackett

Office Team Member

Yes, and our crews, delivery team and draftsman are a bit shy….We will work on getting a few more photos of those talented members working hard for you behind the scenes.